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Ain't Love Grand? - Cover
Echelon Press
June 2006
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Welcome to the Definitely Dana! website. Greetings from the hazy, crazy realms of Southern California. It’s been a year since I’ve returned to the land of my childhood. The diversity of LA is dizzying—whether cruising Sunset Blvd to Skid Row or exploring mountains, beaches and deserts, rivers of freeways wind through it all. People of all cultures and ethnic backgrounds hang out at the corner Starbucks. My alter-ego, Mother T, writes about LA culture at PrayLA.blogspot.com. Check it out. What a difference from the years I spent raising children in Oklahoma!


Much of this year has been spent reconnecting with my interest in natural healing. I’ve been involved in various forms of complementary healing most of my adult life—beginning with healing prayer and moving into vibrational energy work, essential oils, and herbs. Inspired by my healing work, my audio story, HOUSECALL, revolves around an ailing woman and her angelic therapist. If you'd like a FREE copy on CD, send your mailing address to dana0736@yahoo.com. You can listen in your car as you tool around town. And, yes, it's my voice telling the story.


Just as life evolves, so does a writer’s work. They say “write what you know.” The heroine of my first book, AIN’T LOVE GRAND, reflects many of my personal interests. The hero and heroine sound an awful lot like my husband and me, the lawyer and the health nut. The story might be total fiction, but the characters of a feuding Oklahoma small town ring true. I was very pleased when it won the 2005 Best First Book Award from the Desert Rose Golden Quill.

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THAT DEVIL MOON emerged from a dream. I wanted to take a break from writing. I’d been neglecting my family for months, pounding out stories. But the opening scene came full blown into my imagination—the restless woman, the wandering man, the shimmering lake--the beckoning, mischievous moon. I stumbled to the computer before dawn and pounded out the first draft of the Prologue. Some stories write themselves and MOON just kept on spinning out every day, full of surprises, smiles and spirit.

Read the openings to both stories as you explore the website.


Writers are expected to pick a genre—mystery, romance, thriller—find a hat and put it on. I tried to find one, but none of them fit. So, I made my own, though I think there are many books that would fit into my definition of Mystic Fiction—stories of heart and spirit. Alice Seabold’s The Lovely Bones, Leif Enger’s Peace Like a River, and Sue Monk Kidd’s The Secret Life of Bees are three bestsellers I would call Mystic Fiction.

Download my Mystic Fiction short stories at FICTIONWISE.COM:

  • KINDRED SPIRITS: An American woman visits India and discovers how one person can make a difference.
  • SHINY GREEN SHOES: A Depression era town on old Route 66 finds hope from the unlikely friendship of a young black girl and an aging white actress. A heartwarming Christmas story.
  • THE HEAT OF THE MOMENT: This anthology of short stories by Echelon Press authors raises money for the Fire Safe Council of San Diego. Each story revolves around the theme of fire. My story, Meltdown, features a California woman trapped in her pool as a fire storm explodes around her. The question arises: When everything is gone, what is left?

Thanks for dropping by. Be sure and sign up for my mailing list. My work-in-progress is a memoir of my healing work entitled EVER-FLOWING STREAMS. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!

Wishing you many blessings,


Ain't Love Grand? - Cover

Echelon Press
April 2004
ISBN: 1590802985

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Ain't Love Grand? - Cover
Echelon Press
January 2005
ISBN: 1590803442
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Kindred Spirits - Cover
Echelon Press
January 2005
ISBN: 1590803442
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